Long Weekend


this weekend is a long one. On Monday there is a bank holiday, so most companies are closed.

On Friday my roommate Marcel, flew back to Germany for three days. On Monday he will come back to Ireland. I enjoy my loneliness for the three days. 😀

Yesterday the most of our group walked to the St. George’s Market. There we bought steaks, potatoes, carrots and other stuff for a big meal at Robert and Marlon. The meal was very delicious, Tristan and the others made a good job. In the evening I had headaches, so I decided to go home at 9 pm. Unusual for a Saturday evening. 🙁

In the morning I felt ill. I had strong sore throat and a cold. I bought some Pot noodles and ate them in the morning till now. I think I am feeling a bit better, but this weekend I’ll lay in the bed and watch many Breaking Bad episodes.

Hope I am fit for work on Tuesday.


See you!

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