Delicious Weekend Again

Today it is Monday again, but it is nice to remember that we had an nice weekend. Like ‚every‘ saturday we went to the St. George’s Market and bought all these stuff to have nice homemade burgers.

It was funny to talk to the greengrocer at the market, because he recognized me again. Last time he figured out that we are germans and he was able to speak german as well. The reason why he was talking german is that his doughter is living in Halle (an der Saale).
That was a key advantage to get a better price now.

After out shopping tour we went home and met each other for dinner at 6.30 p.m. It was totally delicious again and we had a lot fun together. Hereafter we played a lot of playstation to figure out: ‚Who will be the best FIFA-player?!‘.

Now I’m already in daily grind again and need another cup of coffee.

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