Usually my weekend begins on Friday at 13 pm

Hai folks,
As the topic says, my weekend usually starts on Friday at 13 pm every Friday. That is so cool, so you have the half day of Friday and the next whole two days to relax and you also have time for yourself. I had only a winter jacket here in Belfast. That is why my plan for Friday evening was to find shop, where you can buy a jacket, which is suitable for the nice weather at the moment. That was not easy, because of course there are many shops in Belfast, where you can buy jackets and things like these, but I did not want spend much money. So I only found one in of a souvenir shop with the label of Ireland, but that is OK, because it costs only 20 pounds. After that I went to KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and ate a filet burger. On the way home I also went to Maggies May and drank a tasty milkshake with snickers and bought some stamps for post cards. After I visited the city of Belfast we (Marlon, Robert and I) played a little bit of basketball.

The court

On the evening a couple of us went to Lavery’s. This is a pub where you can play pool billiard. Sorry that I only took one picture.


The typical Saturday begins in Belfast with the plan to visit the St. Georges Market. So we also did this on this Saturday. If I was at the market Lukas and I went to a burger shop. Lukas ate the expensive burger you can buy there, it calls Titanic Burger and I ate a cream cheese bagel. That was very delicious and a good breakfast. =)
We also bought some food for a dinner. So we wanted to make Burger by Marlon and Robert. After that we drank a little bit.

19 days remaining!

See you soon!

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