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Hi everybody,

I told you in my last articles that my daily task is to prep devices for Windows 10. At the last 5 days I worked in the production and prep the devices there. The production has the biggest room by Andor. It is one big hall, where approximately 100 peoples work at the same time. Probably it is very similar to capitas workplace, but a little bit smaller. Look at this picture and get an impression.


The first 3 days I do my best and started at the right side of production. The days began with asking Chris, who is the supervisor of the right site of production, for devices that are ready for the prep. Many devices are very busy, because they doing test for the digital cameras sometimes over a day. So I have to wait for these devices. One day Chris told me that the right side is done. I accepted it, but I couldn’t know it exactly, because they are 5 lines in the production and they are full of devices. I ran from one line to another and prep these devices, which were ready. I thought to myself, that I have to make my own opinion, because I did not know how many devices were done or not.
So I created a plan.
First I write down every asset number of devices with the desk number. I began from left to right. After that I went to my PC and check the asset number in the asset register. At the same time I copy my results in a word file and create a table with asset number, desk number, Windows 10 prepped, reasons and actions. If the devices are not prepped at the moment I took a note in the column actions, that they are ready for prep. These ones they had a Vista License or a volume License are not able for the prep.

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Now I got a plan. I send an email with my results to Chris, to his head Ian and also to my head John. So they know what devices left for the prep. It was so awesome, they answered me 5 minutes later. That was a great teamwork.
After one day I added to my word file a directory. So the readers can see which line is done and how many devices are left for the prep at the first view.
My head told my several times that this is a good work. I was very happy, because it was my own plan and it works perfect. My daily aim is to prep only 7 devices per day. That is not much and I reached this aim without a plan every day, but it is so much easier and cooler to handle it with a good plan. Yesterday I had beaten my personal record. I prepped 12 devices this day. My head told me that was excellent.

Ok that is really enough for one article…=) My longest article with 518 words. =)

15 days left.

See ya!

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