Memories #5

Hey there I am back to give you some news about what happened the last
week. As for this I am sorry that I got a little behind but stuff needed
to be done.

As for that lets get started shell we?
First of all I had a blast of a film on Crazy-Tuesday and it was the film
anyone would guess right now Civil War. It was a very nice film and
awesome to watch! It contains so much stuff like fun parts, sad parts,
exciting parts and also some logical stuff which connects anything that
happens in a nice way. Well whatever i don't want to get into it too deep
because there might be people who didn't saw it yet and it is kind of rude
to spoiler around.

I also experienced how things work when they don't actually work. Let me
five you an short example. My tests that I created were set live and there
was a point we didn't thought of when we did all that testing stuff and in
the end we had like about 70+ purchases which should have been 2 per day
only. So I had to break everything down and refactor everything again,
like setting up new tests, do them in a more advanced way stuff like that
you know. So as far as it went I kind of noticed what I learned in here
until now and it is mind blowing! Before I came here I had like no clue
about what to do and how especially in c#. Right now I am looking at this
code and I know what happens and I am able to change it at any time which is awesome.

So far so good I hope you guys enjoyed this post too cya next time!

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