Kill two birds with one stone.

That means „2 Fliegen mit einer Klappe (Klatsche) schlagen“.That is what we usually did on Saturday and we did this also on this Saturday. We visited again the St. Georges Market. This time we tried the other burger shop and bought some delicious burger. It sounds like lunch but actually it was breakfast, because we did not eat before we started our short trip. After that I bought some self-made Oreo cupcakes.


Usually we went to the market in a bigger group, but this time only Lukas and I went to the market. I do not know why the others did not come with us. Maybe they visited the market several times, wanted to lie in bed or they are simply too lazy. =)
I will visited the market so often I am able to visit it and I visited the market every Saturday since we was there at the first time.  So the last visit will be the next Saturday. That is a little bit sad, but I know if I am back at Germany I will found a similar market in Berlin.
So that was the first fly… The next thing what we usually do on Saturday is shopping some groceries by Lidl. The reason why we shopped something by Lidl every Saturday is that Lidl is the cheapest supermarket here in Belfast and sometimes they have some German groceries.
On Sunday I washed my laundry like every Sunday and nothing special happens after that.

11 days are left…less than 2 weeks. We will see each other soon.

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