A few days remain

Hello readers,

there are only ten days left here in Belfast. The excitement to see the family rises slowly.

The penultimate working week here in Belfast has begun and for me there was a lot to do again at work. On Tuesday i should test two uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and replace the batteries in both. Because I’ve never done it, I let me show the replace at a UPS.


Also, I was able to work the first time on a server. First, I should find Hardware errors on the server by reading the log files.

Then I should update all the firmware and then my supervisor showed me the iDRAC interface. iDRAC allows from afar to check and monitor the hardware of the Server.

It is pretty interesting what is done with the servers. Some are used as virtualization server where then run many more servers on it.

On Wednesday I was allowed to replace some components. Such as the motherboard and the LCD display of a notebook or hard drives at more Computers and notebooks.

I hope the rest of the week will not be too boring.

See ya

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