Again Soccer Time

On Wednesday was again a popular soccer game. Liverpool played against Sevilla. It was the final game of the UEFA European League.Did you remember the game before, which I wrote about? Liverpool won the game against Dortmund and next games that is why Liverpool played the final game. Before the game begun we decided to eat something. Lukas and Tristan wanted to go to Build a Burger so I joined them. It is a real good burger shop and it is similar to Subway. You can choose your bap and also the topics and you don’t spend much of time to wait for the burgers. That is real fast food. After finishing the meal we went to the Empire. We arrived there at 18:45, but the pub was so full, we didn’t found a free table for us. That is why we decided to went to Laverys, because there is also an opportunity for public viewing. The situation was the same… no free table. =(
We knew that there was an opportunity to sit outside at the Empire, but as we arrived there the television was switched out. Tristan wanted to leave and he was really disappointed. So I went to the barkeeper and asked for switching on the television, so we were able to saw the game.
The first 10 minutes were quit boring. After Liverpool scored a beautiful goal the atmosphere was really awesome. One Irish man screamed: Yeeeeah, It goes in the fucking hole. It was really funny and made a lot of fun to watch the game in the Empire.
Sadly Sevilla scored 3 goals in the second half time. So Liverpool loses the game finally.
But it is just a game… one team wins, the other loses.

9 days left. We will see each other soon.

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