Getting Started~Klipfolio

Hey there back from the busy times!

So far as I told you guys in the last post we had some staff drinks but as you know work doesn’t wait!

So I started to work with Klipfolio…First of all I needed to refresh my SQL skills for this task because it can be based on a Database. As for that I was given the task to build different Klips in 2 different Dashboards with a data source out of the LE Database. Yes that means I was using real updated data actually. So I had to be very careful in what I was doing. Actually I was wondering how much my boss must trust me to ensure me with such a task and also with such important data. Anyway I started to break all that down using Visual Studio to at first display the data that I want to have. It was a huge problem for me at first because of what we are learning in Germany is only some basic stuff but in here with real time data things get really serious. Allthough I asked Richard and Colin a lot about different commands they were very patient with me. Nevertheless I was only able to finish the first task ( display different values and group them ) in about 2 days. So as you can see on that time I needed for it with lots of help it is a big deal.

If you want to know more about that continue reading! I will also leak some pictures for you to give you a better understanding of how it looks and works.


See you soon!

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