Last weekend

The last weekend was the last time that we can got drunk in Belfast so we used this weekend!

At Friday Robert Gino and me played some Playstation at home and later we went with Tristan, Hendrik and Lukas to the Free House.
We met a crazy Irish-girl she want that we taught her some bad german words because we are friendly we taught her some german words and it was very funny. She was with some friends in the free house they all went to a Club but she drunk with us her last drink and went later with me and Robert to the Club the Club called “ the limelight“. Robert and me dosen’t stay long there because Robert was very tired and the music was not the best after 30 Minutes we leaved the club and went home on the way Robert and me met a lot of funny people they was really pleased to met 2 german guys. Arrived at our Apartment Robert went to bed but I can’t slept so I went to Gino at 2:30 am. Gino and me chilled outside at the river and listen to some music and talked about god and the world.

At Saturday morning / noon (for me it was morning) we all went to the st. George’s market. I ate at the market one of the best burger in my life! I buyed some presents for my mum and the family at the market.

At next day Robert Gino and me watched the german soccer „el classico“ FC Bayern München versus Borussia Dortmund at home. Later we went like every weekend to the free house to say goodbye :(. After this Gino came’s with Robert and me to our apartment to chill a bit more because we wasn’t  tired and ready went to bed.

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