Klipfolio The Results

Hey there,

so finally I was able to finish my work with Klipfolio and everything seems to work just fine. As for that I want to give you guys a quick overview of what exactly is displayed and what will happen with all of my work in here.

So first of all to just remind you what I was doing. I had the task to create a data source out of a database in a way so you can see what is happening in a specific amount of time. This means making data visible in some way.

After that I had to create an overview bringing together certain data that for example the salespersons need.

Here is a quick example of how this looks.

Dashboard 1

Dashboard 2

So as you might see this examples give an overview about several day’s as like for one day only too. Nevertheless I also said that I want to tell you what exactly is going to happen with all of that. In fact it is pretty simple. My work will be used on a big flat-screen to display all of this data in kind of a diashow for the salespersons. It also will be pinned to the tab-bar for each person and to provide safety if it might get lost naturally also bookmarked. My work will actually be used to help this company which is great!


So far I reached the end of this post and as always I hope you enjoyed. See you guys soon.

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