WhAt To Do If YoVr WoRk Is Don3?

Hey there as you can see I am having fun with headlines now wuhu!!! 😀

So yeah my work at Lighting Enterprises is almost done and I was entrusted with one last task before I go back to Germany. It is at some point a pretty dumb task because I won’t ever be able to finish this one neither do I own the skills to do so.

I have to kind of reconstruct a webpage from WordPress to HTML5 standalone. This just means erase javascripts see what gets broken and fix it right after. A task that might sound easy at first but have a look at that code any time at https://www.lightingenterprises.com and see for yourself how bad this task is for someone who just started with HTML.

As for that I was asking my best friend for advice and he told me that even for him (Media Designer since 5 years education included) this is a huge task and that even he would need several weeks to do that. So to put it into a simple statement what this means to me that this task is „Impossible“ to solve.

Anyway I am only here for another 3 days so I don’t really care because nevertheless it is good to have a view at HTML and learn stuff about it since I want to go into that direction after my education right now.


Hope this Post wasn’t that boring but yeah you gotta say what you gotta say. Until next time cheers!

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