Last regular day in Belfast

Hey folks,

this is will be my last article in Belfast. Today it is the last regular day, also.
I took the day off, so I have time to clean up our room.

Yesterday was my last day at work. I signed all the documents and training certificates. This was quite a lot. My supervisor had to sign many documents. I think he was stressed after signing all the documents, because he is very busy everyday.

Now I tidy up Marcel’s and my room. I think this will take a lot of time, because the rubbish accumulated after my „spring cleaning“, one and a half week ago. I hope I can handle it with my baggage, because I bought some new things.

On Saturday evening or Sunday „morning“, I will write a big review about the time in Northern Ireland. This will be my last article. Maybe I can beat Hendrik’s 1029 words. 😀

So see you in Berlin.

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