Went out with the colleagues

At Friday Sergio another intern of Niamh ended his internship for that reason we went out after work he comes from Spain and worked in his internship for about 5 mounth.

Names in the right order: Jena; Sergio; Robert; Robert (Rob)

first we went to Ribs and Bibs where we ate burgers and drunk some beer

after that we went in a pub it was a very funny friday because we talked about stereo types and maked fun about each other but of couse not on a very mean level  more like being sarcastic and laugh about it we got the angry Germans the evil gnomes of Ireland and the allways sleeping Spain guy but everybody was ok with the jokes and nobody was angry, just me because I am from Germany, just kidding xD

we also talked about music, pubs and culture the funny part is that everything what I though if I though about Spain was actually Mexican insteat of Spain that was a little embaressing for me because I don’t know nothing about Spain. but Sergio talled me that they’ve got the siesta .. I though that would be Mexican.

At about 00:00 pm we went home when I was arrived home I play warcraft 3 with sebatian again until we went to bed.

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