Staff Drinks On The House

Hey there I am back again with some new stuff for you!

To continue where I finished as I said I was setting up the PC’s for the girls…oh did I left that point out? Yeah the new interns are 2 french girls 🙂 So lets start with what happened!

Tuesday it was more like a pain day doing the Windows 7 downgrade and installing win-updates isn’t really fun at all. Anyway it has to be done so people can get to work you know they aren’t here for fun 😉

So i was Downgrading the PC’s and doing so it must have happened that it doesn’t goes as it should be yeah right…Windows-Updater couldn’t find any updates even after letting it run a whole night jippy!!! With a nice hint of Gerrit I started to use WSUS-Offline to get all the updates and who wonders it worked out…Dear Microsoft please be more effective in what you do thanks a lot!

Anyway As my title is set up I want to talk about what else happened that day. As you can figure we had some staff drinks going on which means the whole company was going out after work into a pub. Despite the fact I can’t consume alcohol it was a slight disadvantage for me haha. To make it short we had a lot of fun especially when we moved upstairs to play a little bit ping pong 🙂

Have a look!

On the way upstairs

A bit retro but I love it

For the soccer-friends

Emma and Kathryn during their chat 🙂

Richard teaching Marga some basic stuff 😀

So thats it actually sorry for not having any pictures of the new interns but yeah they left early and I also won’t take any picture of them for certain reasons 🙂

Cya next time guys 🙂


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