An Internship for more than just brewing coffee

The past two days were packed with things to do at Twin.

Setting up new user accounts including mail, phone and database access,
installing and configuring graphics cards and dual monitor work places,
blacklisting IPs which where spamming the firewall,
getting acquainted with the old and the new internet security system,
a few minor things like swapping the CMOS batteries or replacing damaged keyboards,
as well as some organisational stuff.

My mentor also signed me up for an upcoming Salesforce event here in London and wants me to help with the relocation of a whole office (setting up the hardware at the new location) in Eastbourne at the English channel.
The trip will be payed by Twin and I will likely have some time to look around town, so I am looking forward to it.

Me and a few friends closed the week by visiting a pub and discussing our internships and our expectations for future work projects.
So far i must say, apart from the bumpy start, that this internships exceeds my expectations.


As a closing note and FYI:
The spam against the firewall was really bad.

This is just shy of 2 minutes of log file


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