2nd Week working

With my mentor giving me further advice on how to respond to different support requests, I am on a good way of taking over some support tickets without guidance.
Nonetheless I still enjoy working with hardware more than any kind of support and the last two days gave me the opportunity to work alone on hardware.

The Greenwich office requires a hardware overhaul as most desktops are rather old and take a very long time to boot, so they got newer PCs which now need an operating system and minor configuration.
For now there weren’t enough SSDs to install Windows on all available new PCs so only did four.

Another thing that got replaced (before I got to London) was the old phone system, which took up quite a bit of space.
Naturally it is the interns job to separate cables and base stations and sort them into smaller boxes, but while that is a bit dull it gave me the opportunity to work in an air conditioned room all by myself for some time.

A few smaller things had to be done too, like creating new users and troubleshooting a projector which had a blue tint (the cable was defective).

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