doing the paperwork


I am really busy at the moment. There is a lot to do at work and I am really slowly while finishing all the paperwork that we have to do for the OSZIMT. There are several installations for different PCs and customers. I changed the pickup rollers on two printers and I had to upgrade the Disk space and RAM of two Server Systems. In addition to that, there is a Laptop which needs to be repaired (I think that I have to change the mainboard). Beneath, I’m trying to complete my european mobility pass and my report for the School.

Kevin, our organisator, is back in Belfast and we invited him to have dinner with us this evening. As no one else in the house is able to cook, I’ll have to do that. But I don’t care because it’s one of my hobbies.

So there ist not much time to get on with the paperwork and I think that I have to finish the report at home.

see you

The last days in Dublin…

Hi folks!
3 Days left before we back home. The last weekend in Dublin we were at the coast in Bray, we had nice weather and we could see the sea one more time. On Sunday we saw the brilliant victory of the Germans, too. We were in a big pub and celebrated with 40 other Germans. I’m happy, that I can see the next match against Argentina in Berlin, because at the fan fest in Berlin is still the best atmosphere. What’s the news at work? I think everything is unchanged, we test bugs and define the status for our 5 onlinebooking websites. Yesterday I complete all important documents and Philip our department manager have duly signed everything.
Berlin, We’ll come back 🙂

Greetz Chriz