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Hi folks!
The weekend passed, like the last weekends. On Friday we went to a club („twenty one“) with some peers of the other apartments,
we drank several alcoholic drinks and enjoyed the music. On Saturday we made our own „pub-crawl“ with our best friends „Guinness“ and „Bulmers“,
incidently we followed the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 at TV. But the weather wasn’t on our side this weekend and I got soaked to the skin, but on Monday when we were also at a club, I took along my German umbrella. Only the umbrella was after a few minutes completely soppy.
Later more about the rainy days in Dublin.

Greetz to Germany!

our district
view from our balcony
view from our balcony
our district 🙂
sign in a pub
sign in a pub

Arbeit! Arbeit!

Moin everyone,

because lee alread told you about our Weekend )hopefully, I didn´t read his Blog so far) I don´t have much things to tell you. Work is the same, this friday I´m going to present the template for Joomla wich I have created in the past few days. Hope John (my Boss) likes it. Anyway I´m looking forward to the next Weekend, I promised myself not to spend mony on anything else than food in this week so I can save some money wich is rare enough for us here in Dublin.

My next Blog will come on Monday evening because we have a long Weekend this time here in Irland and we don´t have to work on monday.

c u soon,


Hi to anybody who’s interested in my new highly motivated blog entry.
So what could I tell you? It’s pretty much the same tiring private stuff as Marco told before. Every day is fairly like the others: getting up, go to work, cook(/clean), skype and sleep. My workplace continues beeing monotonous, I’m pretty much like a computerstore technician. Right now, I’m waiting for the IIS and SQLServer installation to prepare my holidays (subsequently to my return to Germany).

As you may know, Mr. Bavar will come around (Belfast) at friday to visit our companys and appartements. I’m waiting eagerly just because it will give me some variety. Sounds insane, hm?

The only meaningfull message I could tell you is, Oliver left our house at sunday afternoon because of grievances. A really enviable chance for him, enjoy!

Cheers,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     byebye, bye…bye!