A Dublin Night

Hello to all!
I think we now had the first days, where the weather was not so good.
But we have made the best of it …
David and Sebastian from Belfast visited us on Saturday, also Marco and Alex, from Herberton apartment were there. We drank a lot of beer in our apartment; we knew how expensive is the evening. see David’s and Lee’s entry.
Then we went to a pub which is called by all: “Le Cirk”, go there and drank a beer and have moved on.

Then we landed in the Tempelbar Street, where we found a club with live music and we have gone into it. The name of this club I do not remember. There we saw also Lena’s win at Euro Vision Song Contest. It was there on television. Then, when David and Sebastian have spent enough money, we have brought them to the bus station.

But for us was the evening of course not over yet! We went to a pub, where we picked up two other friends of Lee. With which we went into the “Porter House”. A very nice club, which brews their own beer!
But unfortunately the club closed about 3am and we went home.

See you next time!

Hello to everyone,

Sorry that I did not write a blog entry for more than a week. It is because nothing happened. I wake up, go to work, go to the apartment and then talking to my girlfriend, so yes, I am a very boring person for most of the people here. HAHAHA

The day before yesterday the dryer in our apartment got broken, so I will buy a clothes dryer during my lunch hour.

Fortunately, my girlfriend com here for two weeks on Sunday, so I think from this date I get started to have a look at Dublin and Ireland in general. We already booked a room for one night near the Cliffs of Moher, so we are hoping to see a beautiful sunset there.

The Africa Centre has many activities to inform people from Africa and people in general about many different things.

Yesterday they had their annual lecture and talked about how sport, e.g. football, can help to improve the development for people. They showed a movie of the Women Fighters FC, a women football club from Zanzibar, which is about how football changed the life of these women in a positive way.

I started to work with their new e-mail system from Rackspace. It is a little bit difficult to get the Company Directory, similar to the global address book at exchange, working. So I am in contact with their provider Host Ireland and we are trying to solve it. As of the day the Company Directory is working fine I have to upload all their e-mails to the new e-mail accounts, because they currently store all their e-mails locally on their PC’s, so they cannot access them from outside the office or on a different PC.

I think this will take a lot of time, because the Africa Centre only have ADSL with an upstream of 1Mbps and I think I have to upload more than 4 GB e-mails.

If there is nothing to do for me at work I continue my self-study about CCNA VOICE, which I want to pass after our internship. It is a really difficult topic, because you have to start from the beginning, my CCNA does not really help me to learn the VOICE stuff. So it will be drudgery to pass it.

Finally, my girlfriend arrived here on Sunday. She will stay here for two weeks, so I feel a lot better nowJ

I know that this blog is a little bit confusing, that is because I wrote him on many different days.

Take care! Bye!