Get ready…

Finally the one thing I was anticipating happened. Via mail Mr. Bavar told us to write blog entries everyday other.

I feel like he referred to me only because I didn’t write a single entry in two weeks…

So I will now officially announce the blockbuster… make yourself ready for the one and only blog entry

Get your children into bed, tie yourself onto something heavy!

I Announce a blog entry that will contain so much value I probably should charge every single reader 50€ per paragraph!

Deep down in my heart I am convinced that my blog entry has invaluable information. If you recognize the value and if you’ll apply it will be up to you.

note from author: as I am writing this comment I am thinking about the legendary words already.

stay tuned!

Let’s talk about…

Hi folks!
At first I must write about the really nice weather in Dublin, that we had for the last days, the sun shines all day long and you enjoy every minute you can spend outside. Friday we have celebrated the birthday of Dajana with some other peers of the Lane and the Herberton apartments. The next interesting moment was on Sunday, we started the day with a visit at the „AIB Street Performance World Championship“, there were different street artists, who present very good shows. After that we went by the Dart to the coast and watched there some seals and clambered over cliffs. At work is everything unchanged, we get a list with a lots of bugs for a website and we have to retest them.
Actually we do every day the same at work, only it is about an other website.


Requested blog entry

I found a nice offical tool from Microsoft to secure the information – pc.

Windows Steady State 2.5

You can use these tool to configure varied settings for different users (AD user accounts as well). For example you can disable the right-click in Windows Explorer or prevent access to command prompt. I think this program would be a perfect fit for me to solve my task and for everyone who is not confident to edit the registry.

Windows Disk Protection (WDP) is an other part of the tool. WDP helps protect the Windows partition, which contains the Windows operation system and other programs, from being modified without administrator approval.

And its for free!

A good tutorial for Windows Steady State:

Windows Steady State Tutorial Part I

Windows Steady State Tutorial Part II

Stay tuned!

PS: Final Groundhopping Part IV will be released on sunday 27 june!

Requested blog entry

Hi at all,

Referring to Mr. Bavar’s Email I am writing a new blog entry for today.  I usually upload my entries at work but it was too busy yesterday that I didn’t have time to create it. I don’t write them at home because our internet is not stable and very slow.

It’s just a normal day today. I woke up, got dressed, went to the trainstation, went to Antrim, got picked up by Jonny, approached Nitec and started work.

Today there are a few more installations and support issues (troubleshooting) concerning two laptops. One Laptop is overheating and I contacted HP to get support from them because there is nothing we can do about it here. I am still trying to reproduce the problem on the other Laptop which is supposed to be a screen that’s not working properly.

Yesterday there were different task to do for me. I had to take out the harddrives of 40 PC’s and I had to  order a collection for them to be destructed. I was heavy work and my back is feeling bad right now. Additionally to that I had to take care of the waste and there were a few installation of different customer’s PC’s. When deliveries come in I have to take care about them as well.

That is kind of a special task for me because it is the first time that something more interesting happens than installing PC’s, dealing with deliveries or just taking care about the waste.

In my next blog entry I will tell you something about the „Giant Causeway“ which I visited on my weekend. But I am not able to write an article every two days because my collegues don’t like me to sit at my desk dealing with non work related issues.



Heyho Chickens!

I’ll try to find some stuff to tell you about…sorry for this kind of disjoined information.

Last friday I was out with my coworkers, we had a few pints of beer and dinner at the pub „The Kitchen“. They all were really generous and always wanted to pay for my pints. I’ve never had the chance to drink up before the next pint was coming in, maybe they tried to get me drunk.

I’ve been at home at the weekend because I have to safe money for my 2-week trip to England in a few weeks.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, reading a Cisco book at work, again.
Today, we’ll meet mr. Weigelt at the „Bot“ and talk about the company visitation on wednesday.

Side note for Lee: There are other companies too, who try to safe money with „employee management“….

For those of you who would like to see my great 7 Pound pub dinner, enjoy:

I’ve already started eating but I’ve got boiled Chicken stripes with Chips and salat from the supermarket fridge, yeayea…

Finished for the moment, bye!