Last weekend in Dublin

Friday evening we had a quite big party at a friend’s flat, mainly to say goodbye to all of them because it’s our last weekend. It had been a very nice evening.

On Saturday there was a big festival in Dublin: the “Gay Pride”, as you can imagine there where hundreds of people in the city center. I had a few nice conversations and meet even some straight girls. Later that evening some friends from Belfast joined us. I knew them from the last weekend when we have been to Belfast.

On Sunday I went to the Jameson Old Distillery with my friends from Belfast. The Guided Tour was quite interesting but quite expensive.

Afterwards we watched the match Germany – England. There have been surprisingly many Germans and German supporters. You could hear there were less supporters for the English team when they shoot there first goal.
Afterwards we went to the beach in Malahide. There were a lot of people enjoying the good weather and Tim and I joined some friends to relax there. I wanted to try the temperature of the water so got into the water with my feet when suddenly a friend push me so that I dropped into the water and my pants was completely wet. Of course I wanted my revenge so I took her and jumped into the water while carrying here. The water was surprisingly warm. Here you can see the result:

Maybe it was not the best idea because I couldn’t change my pants for a couple of hours.

Anyway see you soon,