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Well, no problem Maik. I’ll check my RSS Feeds and post some of your entrys.
Sometimes i really feel like the saver of the nation (:
The First Day
Montag, Mai 10th, 2010

Our arriving was good and without any problems.
We drive at first in our apartments and then we were in the SWAN – Institute, where we got our bus-tickets and details for our companies and so on.
After that we purchase foods.

But than …
We go back to the apartments and there was the floor under water.
Now, stands a dehydrator in the floor. This will be dry in two days, hopefully.


The Apartments are shit.

The washbasin is a pure misconstruction, therefore the flooded floor.

The shower is very dirty. We want this disinfect for now.
Than, the heating in the living room don’t work.

We have too few cabinets in the room. I currently share a half cabinet with Alex. The other side is occupied by waterlines.

The washing machines are in the seventh floor and there are three mashines. One of these are damaged and the room and so on is very dirty.
All things looks very used.

So, I think that was it.

Hi at all!

Until now I have worked four days. And these days were very nice!

I work at the company, who is called “Computer Doctor”. They support users, repair notebooks and desktops from the user.
My work time is pretty fine, from 8 or 9am (flexible) to 2pm. But then Peter (my chef) give me more work home with.
I work with one another from the class together, is called Tino. And we have two projects:
The first project is create a database, because they are still working with notes. And then we create forms which going to integrated in Access. At the moment we work with a touchscreen pc to prepare for the Database and forms.

Sometimes comes Brain (this is the Boss of the company) into the room and screams: “Germans, bloody germans. I hate Germans”, or something.

It’s really funny most of the time.

So, that was it at first.


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