Heyho Chickens!

I’ll try to find some stuff to tell you about…sorry for this kind of disjoined information.

Last friday I was out with my coworkers, we had a few pints of beer and dinner at the pub „The Kitchen“. They all were really generous and always wanted to pay for my pints. I’ve never had the chance to drink up before the next pint was coming in, maybe they tried to get me drunk.

I’ve been at home at the weekend because I have to safe money for my 2-week trip to England in a few weeks.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, reading a Cisco book at work, again.
Today, we’ll meet mr. Weigelt at the „Bot“ and talk about the company visitation on wednesday.

Side note for Lee: There are other companies too, who try to safe money with „employee management“….

For those of you who would like to see my great 7 Pound pub dinner, enjoy:

I’ve already started eating but I’ve got boiled Chicken stripes with Chips and salat from the supermarket fridge, yeayea…

Finished for the moment, bye!