My first impressions of Belfast

Hi folks!

We are here for 6 days now and i just could say that it would be a great edge beeing hard-drinking. Drinking is nearly everything you can do in Belfast. There are pubs and fast food restaurants all over the city. I would like to call it quite hard to find a good supermarket. As an example, we’ve never saw any spices. It takes something around 45 minutes to walk into the city centre.

Yesterday, the Belfast people have met together at the Botanic-Inn for a few pins of beer. We’ve become acquainted with some new people and got thrown out of the pub at 01:30.
Our way home was really funny and we were invited by some people to come with’em for some beer and conversations. I should not share to much informations at this point.

Finally, we are unable to get internet access at our home, that’s more annoying as i thought. 🙁