belfast crime 2010 O____o

„Hello world!“

What about some new Belfast stories?
There is still nothing special to tell about my work right now…
But I can tell you about my funny weekend where I was really sick, lying in my bed.
Well, actually that’s it I was sick. On Sunday morning (around 3 am) my flatmate Bartosz woke me up with a noisy, piercing cry. After I was able to get up and went down the stairs I couldn’t realize anything except an open door. After closing the door I went back to bed. A while later Bartosz came to my room and told me about the things which have happened. There were two young thiefs in our house which were running out as Bartosz came home. He saw them and started to shout out for help.
By running away Bartosz caught/vanquish one with his Judo experience (Hey Steffen!) after they’ve splitted up while running away. The Police was coming soon and picked up one of the guys which Bartosz caught. At 10pm the forensic people came around for securing of evidence, they also told us that the other thief was caught too.

Except of this we were out of gas at saturday afternoon. The counter showed a remaining volume of 15m³ but it’s gone offline anyway. Nothing special so far ‚cause there are Centra shops which have opened 24hours a day where we can pay for our gas. But I really have to say: this way of paying gas sucks! WTB our „good old“ oil (: