Hello friends, how you doing?

My work is…let’s call it tiring.
(skip it if you don’t like those boring stuff)

I often got nothing or not a hell of a lot to do, except click-copy-paste-click-click-copy-paste…
The main problem is that this company is primary telephone-supporting. I talked a few times with my adviser (which is really the only unsympathetic guy in here) about joining a technician while visiting customers. He always told me stupid explanations why I couldn’t join one , such as „you need a CMI-shirt and blablabla“. Don’t get me wrong, CMI is really a nice small company but not a great option for trainees.
I fairly often try to talk with my co-workers to improve my listening and speaking skills.
Think they really like me and they enjoy learning simple german interjections. Except of this I really feel bored and take the free time for selfstudying like reading a book for CCSP (- Security Professional) or learn a few more things about SQL.

Let’s talk about really annoying things.

Wake up toys! The exhausting work-story is finished…for the moment.
So what about my great living community…
I’m the only one who’s cleaning the floors or something else, I’m the only person who cares about the dish washing and I don’t understand those guys!
One of them is sitting the whole day in his room, goes to bed at 9-10pm and stand up around 7:30am. This stupid tard placed one of his empty cornflake packages filled with wa**ing stuff right behind the kitchen garbage (THERE IS A TRASH BARREL just 5meters away outside the door!). I was nearly going enrage, after i’ve had to put the garbage out!
The other one is always going out to partys and discos but also crying about a lot of debits. Think he’s never heard of shaving too.
Finally my third great flatmate: Yesterday he was told to put a chicken kiev into the oven, a few minutes later he’ve told me about  a „finished“ meal.
I were really wondering about that and went down the stairs, saw the chicken at the table, the oven where already turned off and he told me „enjoy your meal!“ and started eating.
Yes, listen: the complete chicken kiev where raw. Sometimes I’m wondering how people like this one are able to survive, I really don’t know.

Without Oliver’s support I’m going crazy in this „living community“/house.

If this post is to offensive, delete it! But sometimes there are things which really have to be pointed out!

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  1. Yeah, really offensive… But this would make me sick too! I definitely get your point!

    ps> You have an option: Move to Paul, he would be really happy… xD

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