Best Burger in the world.

Hi it is me Mario…ähm Henny again.

On Monday we got an extra holiday day, because it is traditional for Ireland. Tristan, Lukas and I had the plan to visit a burger restaurant, which is near to the famous Prime mark and called City Picnic.
We explored the restaurant while our first visit of the town. We saw a really good sign artist with the sign “Here you got the best burgers of Belfast” or something like this.
As we walked to the door of the restaurant, the workers are very friendly and asked us weather it is our first time visiting the City Picnic. Of course we answered “Yes it is”. So the worker told us that would change your life…what a big words. Then we sat down and chose our meals. I bought a normal cheese burger with cheddar cheese and very delicious and crunchy onion ring with a side salad and a coke. After a few minutes the burgers were ready. Take a look at the best burger of the world.

Cheese Burger with side salad

The burger was very delicious and special too. I had never been eaten a burger like this. It was awesome and it really changed my life. =)
I would really recommend coming here if you are in Belfast. If you want to check where exactly it is click on the following Link. City Picnic

After we visited the burger restaurant, we walked back to home, but we wanted to stop at a milkshake restaurant, which is called Maggie’s May. You have a really fantastic and big range of milkshakes. I chose one with Oreo cakes. It tastes very delicious and I really recommend it, if you are visiting Belfast.

Me and my Oreo Milkshake

See you soon!

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