Plenty of Steaks

First I have to say “Hello to everybody”!

On Saturday we decided to visit the famous St. George’s Market. So Lukas, Tristan, Gino, Robert, Marlon, Sebastian and I started to walk there. If you don’t know till now what kind of market that is or if you want to know why it is so special, you have to klick on the following link underneath.


Our plan was to buy some big steaks and some sites for a dinner together. We prepared and cooked the dinner at Marlons and Roberts apartment, because they have the biggest living room and they also have two stoves with 8 burners in the kitchen. That is quite a lot.
We cooked some carrots and potatoes and of course also the delicious steaks. Nearly everyone had his own 2 steaks. That was definitely more than usual. I had never eaten so many steaks in my life before.
A couple of men prepared and cooked the dinner and Marlon and I went to the next supermarket to buy a whiskey for Lukas and three beers for Robert, Tristan and me. The beer was very tasty too, because it was a German beer. You all have to know the name… it was a Becks.

Steak Time

See you soon.

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