Improved the Windows 8.1 image

After some problems at the beginning I finally got the Windows 8.1 image I was working on to do exactly what I want. The first image that worked was good.

I made that the Windows updates are installed so far and the software installation started automatically after the Windows installation I used „WinReducer“ to do that but actually I wanted the Software to be installed after the Windows installation because I also wanted the Office updates to be Installed but I wasn’t able to do that with „WinReducer“ and that annoyed me.

After I got it so far I tried another way again this time I tried something which failed before but I changed a few steps and it worked this time 😀

I tried the way over a VM again but this time I started to install a physical computer, did the Windows updates and installed the default software of Niamh on it.

When I finished the installation on the physical computer I used a tool called disk2vhd to make a virtual copy of the physical hard drive. I’ve run the tool from an USB-Stick to make sure it’s not on the image when I’m done.

After I’ve got a VHD („Virtual Hard Drive“ – the copy of the Physical hard drive) I started to setup a new VM as hard drive I selected to use a already existing hard drive a choose the VHD I’ve stared the system in the VM and used „Sysprep“ on it to get to the „system audit mode“ and rebooted the VM.

After the VM was rebooted I was logged in as Administrator and Sysprep started automatically, now I deleted all user accounts, their files, which were created during the installation on the physical computer and all files that aren’t needed anymore.

Now I used Sysprep again to generalize the system and get it to the „Ootbe“ (system Out of the box experience mode) then I shutdown the VM.

After that I’ve mounted the VHD to the physical computer and used GimageX (a Graphical user interface for imagex (a microsoft tool to capture an image .wim file of an hard drive)) to capture an image file (.wim) of the VHD which I’ve replaced with the image on the installation media.
Now the Image works and I don’t have to do annoying Windows updates for hours after the installation anymore 😀


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