Memories #1

Hey there it’s been a long time since I was writing but yeah a lot happened…

So to come back at what happened the previous days I have to say that my motivation about doing something went down to the bottom on last Friday and I just went to bed watching Dragon Ball Super and chilled the rest of the day after work.The reason I did that was that I had some sort of stress at work with Colin who really was angry about me because at the end of Friday I wasn’t even able to memorize how a program runs (from the top to the bottom) because my head was kind of messed up. I was confused by the easiest things in the code. Still at the end of the day I was able to finish my tasks but I still had a verry bad feeling about the stress I had with Colin when i left the building…Back home I was just as I said going to bed to sleep for like 2 hours but yeah I seemed to be so tired that I woke up 4-5 hours after i went to sleep. Anyway thats it for that I keep you guys informed about what else happened in another post so stay tuned!

See you.

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