Memories #2

So back here again with another memory of mine from the weekend (which was a day longer then normal because we got a day off work).Starting with the day i was getting up at about 11 am to get ready for the shopping tour with Tristan, Lukas, Henny, Marlon, Robert and Gino. First of all I went to the place where Gino and Marcel live right now. I met Henny over there because his shower at home is broken which means he has to take his shower at Gino’s place. We had a little chat while waiting for the others to arrive.

The time all of us were at the meeting point in front of Gino’s house we left to see the market place and have a look around. The plan was just to see the market and get some food there and also right after that to buy some stuff for Gino’s and my E-Cigarette and also I needed to buy a new trouser because as you know my old ones had a hole in it. When we arrived at the market i had to withdraw some money because u can’t pay with credit cards there. So Marlon had the same issue the reason we were searching for a place where we can withdraw money. Actually we were walking around until we came to the Victoria Square where we found one. What a walk! Normally you see them on each corner but if you need them their gone! >.<

I also met Colin that day with his family and we had a quick but funny chat as like Emma with her boyfriend on the market place…

Read more about all what happened in my next post =)


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