Fifth weekend

Hey folks,

it’s the fifth weekend in Belfast.

On Friday, I did nothing because I was so exhausted of the day. I slept only 3 hours in the night to Friday. Maybe because our heater heated at 2 am and it was very hot in our room.

Anyway, yesterday the others went to the weekly market again to buy some burger petties and other stuff. I decided to stay at home, because it was rainy and I felt not well in the ‚morning‘.
In the evening, the most of our group went to Robert and Marlon. There we made and ate some burgers. It was very delicious like the week before. After our dinner, we played some games on Robert’s Playstation 4. The evening was very entertaining :).

I hope I get better, because on the next Friday, there is Marlon’s 19th birthday.

See you the next days!




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