Busy all day..

While my other (afib) colleagues finished every day earlier because they do nothing the whole day I’m very busy the week.

Just a joke but to be honest I’m really busy. On Friday I get a new call about cashless catering. It seems very diffcult. A school has 4 Tills and 3 Kioskes for cashless catering. Only one of every group is working so there is always a long queue there. My task is to put the devices in one vlan so that they communicate with each other in the sam subnet. The devices (eg. Kisok and Till) are not provided with Capita but from an external supplier who only connect the devices and turn them on. They forget to notice the ports they connected to and to give us the MAC addresses we needed. So I can’t really work with the given information. The next problem was that the devices are now turned off because the were working the whole week before and power isn’t cheap… But now it’s diffcult to trace the devices so waitung for the customer to get more information next week about MAC addresses, DHCP enabled?! and the port numbers…


In NI the most schools uses fingerprints. Don’t know why but I think they will do.

I’ll provide you more information next week

See ya 🙂

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