People change, things go wrong, shit happens and life goes on…

With this slogan I want to describe a new problem that occured last Monday. After previously configured new switches wont work I get them back to find out what the problem could be and maybe how to solve it. I’ve configured 5x 2960x (for more)and 2x 3508XL (for more) ones.

The system we use is well-conceived. We don’t put the configs on the switches on our own. We only create them. This is the task of the engineers of the field. They take all the blank switches to the school and connect them with an uplink to another switch already exists in the school and via console cable the engineers loads the config out of a tftp server from Capita. My task is only to create them before. We’re using a vbs script that will do that. But for the 2960x and the xl ones there is no script so I had to modify old configs. That takes not as long so the technician can take the configs from the tftp server.

The problem we had with the 2960x switches was that every time the engineers or we put an uplink cable into the normal ports eg. Gigabit1/0/1 – 24 loops occured that shut down the port immediately after connecting. So I should test this again in our testing enviroment.

But if I used the sfp adaptors (the 4 ports at the right) all worked fine. No problems…

After testing a couple of hours we found out that there were some compatibility problems with the iOS version of cisco. So take older and newer versions of the IOS all worked fine and the problem is solved

See ya 🙂

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