Stay focused!

It was Wednesday another trip to the school in Downpatrick. Last time we did a site survey there to check the coverage in the whole school to see what the old accesspoints can perform.


Today we want to exchange them with the new models of the APs. We#re using the new MeRU ones called 832i. They should be much better than the old one.

After arriving at the school the first thing was to unbox all the new APs it was like christmas 😀 There were 37 presents for me and it feels like they want to be unpacked 🙂
























Then we’ve labelled them all

To  make it easier for the engineers we’ve order them for the several floors and buildings in the school. The task of the engineers was to put the bracket at the wall and then the AP. So for us as Networking team was not that much to do so we’ve monitored the wireless devices of the school to see if all AP’s working fine and after that some testing with some IPads that have had some problems with the old APs. Now all APs are placed and working fine … all managed today 🙂

See ya 🙂

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