Laundry Sunday

Hi everyone,

The Sunday is usually good for doing the laundry.First I will start with the beginning of the day. On Sunday I usually sleep a little bit longer as Saturday, because as I wrote it in my last article the plan for Saturday is usually to go to the famous St. George’s Market. Therefore we met us at 13 pm. I need one hour every day in the morning for myself. Take a shower, drink an English breakfast tea and after that I smoke a cigarette. So I have to set my alarm clock for Saturday, especially when you go out on Friday. So the Sunday begins with no alarm clock and that is quite good.  After my morning routine I wanted to make the laundry, but the wash machine was full of clothes. So I had to wait for my home mates.
This Sunday was the mother day.  So I phoned my mom via FaceTime. It was pretty nice to saw my mom, but there were some other lovely peoples at my parents’ house. On mother day it is usual that my grandma, grandpa and my youngest brother (he is my youngest brother of my three bros but nevertheless he is eight years older than me) with girlfriend visit my parents and eat something together. That was so good, actual there are no words for this nice feeling, to saw and talked with my family. It was so nice to talk to my grandparents as well, because they don’t have a mobile phone with mobile internet. So I had no chance to talk to them before this day and at this Sunday I was also able to see them. Thank you Apple for FaceTime. So I have the opportunity to take a video call to my mom whenever I want.
After I took the call to my family I met with Gino and we walked to Maggies May to drink a delicious milkshake and relax a little bit in the sun.
Finally the wash machine was busy again, that is why I made my Laundry at Monday.

Sorry that I have no pictures in my article as usual.


18 days remaining.

We will see each other soon.

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