What happend

The last few days I’ve got very interested in German politic, of course I heard about the scandal of Jan Böhmermann and that was kinda the reason why I started to watch a lot of German satire but I also followed the talks about Jan and got more and more interested in whats going on. some time later I started to watch records of the Bundestag. I really don’t know why but it’s not even half as boring as I tough it would be.I realized that it’s much easier to find records of people in the opposition then record of somebody in the coalition. I also watched record of a whole session in the Bundestag these was more borring then the cut versions but also very informative.
I don’t really know why I got that interested in politic maybe because I’m not Germany right now or maybe because Jan Böhmermann. In the first place I started to follow the Böhmermann talks because I’m a Fan of his comedy and I hope the best for him in his situation and I can’t understand how it is possible that we made such a big deal out of it in Germany.

Have a nice day 😀

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