Played more Video Games

Hi, I want to give you a small update of what going on in Belfast,
but to be honest I did not really much because for some reason I was very tired and wasn’t going out instead I stayed at home and played Warcraft 3 with Sebastian even if the Weather was very good I couldn’t motivate my self to go out. The only reason why I was out was to buy some new cigarette-papers and filter or on Monday to buy pizza because it’s „Mighty Monday“ an I can get two pizzas and just pay for one I’m sure you already read about that.

what I did was searching for new Playable maps for Warcraft 3, so that Sebastian and me don’t get bored by the old maps that we already played. I found a lot of maps and downloaded them and we got some hours of playtime and it makes a lot of fun. Even so I want to do some more on the outside of our room. Now I’m looking for some new activities which interests me and aren’t to expensive and the best would be if I don’t need to go alone and somebody join me because I hate to go out alone.

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