Appointments at Bangor

Yersterday Ross and I had some appointments after lunch. We had to drive to ‚Bangor Physiotherapy‘ and to one of our contract customer which is called ‚Oakleaf Telecoms‘.

First we drove to ‚Bangor Physiotherapy‘ in case of some network problems. The front desk was complaining about slow wireless connections and that was causing some printer(wifi) problems as well.
Additionally we delivered a new laptop and had to install O365 (Office 365). While installing the software on the laptop, we checked the wifi connections on the first floor. I figured out, that the BT router (British Telecom) wasn´t working well on wifi. We decided to disable all wifi signals on that router. Afterwards we connected all devices with an accespoint on the second floor, which was working fine (cause it was CISCO!) 😉 .

Cisco AP Linksys

Thereupon i walked downstairs and saw some pictures about famous persons, who visited the surgery. Among others there was Sir Alex Ferguson.

Sir Alex Ferguson

After fixing all these issues we went on to the other side of the street. There was ‚Oakleaf Telecoms‘. This job took less time, because we had just to install some monitoring software on each pc.


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