Nice Weekend

On Friday, the work was quiet, Friday halt .

After work we eat somethingt. then walked Marlon and I to the Wetherspoon. There we drank a beer and met with the other in Laverys to play billiard. We played 2 against 2 and the winner of the round change the koi with the other 2 whos wait. We played until 1 am. on the way at Home we stopped briefly at fish and ships and went home. Saturday went back to the weekend market. There we brought ingredients for burgers for supper . So we picked up fresh meat, fresh salad and fresh potatoes for potato wedges and herbs. Then we went to LIDIL and go home. In the evening we met again for cooking by us. It all was prepared and then we eaten together.
In the evening we drank few beers and play several rounds Fifa.

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