Driving through the landscape

Hey guys,

last week i was driving through the landscape of Northern Ireland again. Keith and I had an appoinment with one customer.

So we drove about 10 miles to a village called Comber, but the house wasn´t at the village itself, it was more outside of comber. The costumer had a very nice country mansion with a Porsche, a Ferrari and a Range Rover. At our approach we were already greeted by two dogs (a labrador and a german shepard).

Bangor – Comber

After having small talk to the costumer we went to computer, which had some problems. There was an old iMac and the customer was complaning about the disk space. She was editing some video tutorials and she saved them on ‚One Drive‘ and ‚Dropbox‘. The other problem was the internet connection. We did a few speedtest and we found out that the upload was too bad (< 1,5Mb/s).

After fixing the disk space problems, we went on to another ‚little‘ problem. A printer wasn´t able to connect to the pc. This was a typical issue of dhcp and we just had to turn the network setting from ‚dhcp‘ to ’static‘.

After drinking a cup of coffee we went back to the office.

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