food, buying food, more food and poker

Hi reader,

this weekend we went to the St. Georges Market again. It already became some sort of tradition for us and I wanted to try another burger which Robert recommended to me last weekend. Well, I can confirm that he didn’t lie, it sure was delicious. They put some weights on the burgers while they are fryed, then they put the cheese on the meat and put some sort of bell over it, so the cheese melts better and the meat stays juicy. After that we teamed up with Tristan and bought the ingredients for Chilli, our dinner this evening.

Tristan refused any help for cooking and so we just met again in the evening and ate and ate and ate. We all were pretty stuffed, but happy never the less. After that we watched Germany’s devastating performance at the Eurovision Song Contest and played some poker. It was pretty fun actually and we finally had a use for all the small coins building up in our wallets for weeks.


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