New Interns

„Hello…It’s me…I was wondering…“ Yeah sure would be a great start for an article right?! :D:D:D

Sorry was just having a little fun with you guys. Anyway the last few weeks start and some interesting things happened.

On Monday the 9th of May we were welcoming two new interns in the company for who i had to set up two PC’s. Easier said than done it was a pain in the a**! For the first time since I’ve been using Windows 10 I experienced an unsupported spot of this OS. If you use Windows 10 make sure it supports your graphics card because if you don’t you will feel the pain I experienced…

I had to downgrade Windows 10 to Windows 7 again because the graphics card of the PC’s weren’t compatible with the OS which means you can’t configure for example the Resultion as well as you are unable to use more than one screen at a time. So I downgraded the PC’s on Tuesday because for Monday I was carried away by making some nice WiFi cards a little shorter to fit the PC’s. What I am talking about right now? To know it click the pictures below 🙂

Thats how it looks like without it’s coverage

Fix it in a tong and start to saw 🙂

Another point of view 🙂

So yeah it is like in Germany

„Was nicht passt wird passend gemacht!“ – „what doesn’t fit will be made to fit!“

So yeah that was kind of what I was doing that day and oho look at that! It even worked out after I placed the WiFi cards into the PC-Slot I had a real nice WiFi connection 🙂


Thats it for this post cya around next time!


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