Why being active if you can be idle :)

This weekend we’re only relaxing the whole day.

While I thought about going to a gym my series and my bed said I should be rest the whole day here inside the warm bed 🙂 I enjoy my series and watching the last game of the running Bundesliga season. Munich is champion and Bremen is reaming in the league. That was all I want.

In the evening Lukas and Henny visit us because Tristan the master chief cooked some chili con carne. While Henny was very greedy for the chili we prepared the table and been glad about the meal. After dinner we want to play some card games. Henny leaved because he want to play with his own some other games. We begin with Knack (english: Thirty-one) and swing then to Poker by using our £0,01 | £0,02 | £0,05 coins. It was very funny 🙂

Meanwhile we watched the Eurovision song contest. We were surprised that some nations participate that are not part of the EU like Australia.

Germany only get 11 points and achieve the 1st from behind / the bottom.


See ya 🙂


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