The appointment, Marlon’s B day, fun and a lot of social skills

Hi folks,

On Thursday was an appointment which I organized with a woman of my workplace. Her name is Christelle. She is from France and also lives for a longer time in Germany. Christelle asked for other peoples who want to join us. That is why I asked in the afib group if anybody want to go out with Christelle and I. Marlon and Robert came with us to Lavery’s. If you a reader of this blog, you probably know Lavery’s. If not, Lavery’s is a famous pub here in Belfast, where you can play pool billiard. I think it is the only pub, where you can play pool, but I don’t know it exactly.
It was very good that we met us on Thursday, because it was very easy to found a table which was not busy.
We played pool in teams. Robert and Marlon played against Christelle and I. Christelle asked before we started who wants to lose the game. I decided to play with Christelle but I wanted to win the game. Think positive told I to her.
After a couple of games, our table was a little bit broken, because the balls sticked in the table. We had to go to the barkeeper and asked for help. The process repeated every round. So I asked the barkeeper, if it is possible to get a free game. And… we got 3 extra games for free. It was awesome and better than I expected.
At 22:54 pm I would like to order 4 Jägermeister for us to celebrate Marlon’s Birthday. But it was so expensive, so I decided to buy only one Jägermeister for Marlon. By the way I asked the barkeeper for a special price for somebody who has birthday. The barkeeper surprised me… he said: You get one bottle of sparkling wine for free, but I need your ID for it. That was again better than I expected.
I got Marlon’s ID. He was a little bit confused and asked me why I need his Id. I said to him that is a secret. Give me 5 minutes and you get a present.
Finally Christelle and I won more games as Marlon and Robert, but I think it was little bit lucky… They wanted too much and played several times the black ball into a false whole, so we won very easy without much to do.
It was a very good evening. Especially we talked the whole evening in English. I really hope we will repeat the appointment.

I, Christelle, Robert and Marlon (from left to right)














Special thanks to Christelle, Marlon and Robert.




Only 12 days left.

We will see each other soon!

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