Clean up the mess

Hello everyone,

today I am working again. I am feeling a bit better compared to last week. My tonsils are turgid like the week before. Sometimes I have sore throat and I had some sleeping problems last night. Sorry for the bad preamble to this article. I will continue with the activity of yesterday.

The room of Marcel and me was very dirty. There were many water bottles from the last days. My bed was dirty too, because I haven’t got an opportunity to store my laptops and cables on a desk or something like that. I was very lazy the last days, but I think this is understandable.

We hadn’t got any refuse sacks, so I went to the supermarket and bought XXL sacks with a volume of 100 litres.

Two XXL sacks were full after my clean up, as you can see on the picture.

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Now, we are able to walk through our room.

At the end of the day, Marcel and I ordered a pizza.



See you !

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