Its my Birthday

At Thursday Robert and me went to the „Lavery’s“ to played some pool and supported Henny with his date.

Unbelievable Henny had a date! It was a very funny night Robert and me played in an team versus Henny and Christelle (Henny’s date). Robert and me lost the most games because we are Gentlemen’s and let the woman(s) won.

At 23:00 pm Henny went to the Barkeeper and asked for a special price for a drink because at Friday was my birthday. The Barkeeper came back with a bottle champagne and it was completely for free. Thank you Henny!

At Friday night Tristan, Hendrik and Lukas came to Robert and me we played some games on the playstation and drunk some beer so I it was the relaxed birthday-party of my live! Thank you all for that funny evening :).

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