Bingo Night With The Agency

Hey guys,

Yesterday Hendrik and I went to ‚The Parlour‘. We were invited to a bingo night by the agency and got one free drink as well.

We had the opportunity to win some prizes, which were like sweets, free drinks and the best of all: a 10 pound PIZZA voucher.
Well we played like 6 rounds, but we were not lucky at all. There were two Portuguese at our desk who won like five or six bags of haribo. They were very lucky…

It was a funny night, but I am very disappointed because no one from our german group participate at the bingo night (except Hendrik). I think that there is nothing worse than sitting home ‚alone‘ and to wait to get back to germany or what else. I didn’t expected that.

I try to enjoy those last days.Today it is now friday again and the weekend is coming.


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  1. Oh what an attitude :/ If you watch a movie in the cinema and it is bad do you never go again in the cinema. Really simple excuse. Speak with the guys, socialze! It’s easy and it depends sometime on ourselves how good the evening will be…

    1. Thats not a good example. If you go to a cinema and its bad you won’t go to the ciname again until they refurbish
      it. If you spoke about the movies it wouldnt be right, either. You most likely WOULD NOT see movies from certain studios or directos again because they were terrible, which does not mean you won’t go to the cinema again too.

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