Klipfolio…The Big Riddle

Hey there again!

thanks for joining me again and have fun reading!

So as for this post I will kind of give you guys a quick view about Klipfolio and what you can achieve by using this webpage-tool.

As for that lets start with „What is Klipfolio?“. Well Klipfolio is a webpage where you can kind of visualize the data out of a database with which you are working at the time. „Why should I use Klipfolio and when?“ Klipfolio is as I said used to display your data so it is a good decision to use this tool to let people see what is actually happening especially if you are working in a sales company like I do right now. The question about when you should use it is quite simple. You should use it the time you want to show your team statistics about for example when and were and how many problems at a time appear. So that is kind of what my task also was. I had to visualize the total problems that occurred on the present day the last 7 days and the last 30 days for different areas.

Here is a quick example of how it looks when you are nearly done with it.

Configuration Mode

Overview of all stats

One of the stats more detailed

One more

The third one

One stat of the second Dashboard

Two stats combined in one Dashboard


So thats it for this one. I hope you guys tune in on the next one too!


See you!

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